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Major projects can be transformational on a local, regional or national scale, but require commitment, planning and investment in order to be successful. With the right strategic partnerships, the supply chain can enable successful delivery and innovation, as it has already proven on many significant projects. However, strong leadership and a commitment to agreed outcomes is needed to bring certainty to the supply chain, increasing efficiency and productivity.

RIA has continuously pushed for greater clarity and the publishing of the Rail Network Enhancement Pipeline (RNEP), which was last published in 2019. RIA’s own RNEP was published in 2022, to provide understanding to its members. RIA will continue to highlight the need for a clear and visible pipeline for major projects around the UK.

For views on specific major projects needed, see HS2 & Network North. 

Key Publications 

RIA's October 2022 RNEP

Posted on 20/10/2022

A Railway Innovation Strategy

Posted on 26/04/2022
RIA's Rail Innovation Strategy calls for the sector to be more radical and overcome barriers to innovation, including supporting the vital rollout

Press Notices 

RIA responds to the Spring Budget 2024

Posted on 06/03/2024
Darren Caplan, Railway Industry Association Chief Executive comments on the Spring Budget 2024 announcement

RIA comments on the proposed reallocation of HS2 funds

Posted on 26/02/2024
Today, the Department for Transport announced its plans regarding the reallocation of HS2 funding in the North and the Midlands.

RIA responds to Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee report on HS2

Posted on 07/02/2024
The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee published a report today on the value for money of HS2, following last October’s cancellation of the Northern Leg.

Get in touch 

For more insight on Major Projects, please contact the Technical Team at [email protected]

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