RIA Scotland submission to the Second Strategic Transport Projects Review

14 April 2022

RIA Scotland has submitted a response to the Transport Scotland's consultation on the Second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2).

Executive Summary

RIA Scotland's key recommendations for STPR2 are:

Recommendation 1 (STPR2 Process): Adopt outcome-based approaches and early supplier engagement to allow the private sector to innovate and support the development of the best delivery solution.

Recommendation 2 (Improving Active Travel Infrastructure): Active travel is supported by integrated transport systems, which require a strategic whole-system view of the transport network. The strategic approach taken by STPR2 should therefore be maintained.

Recommendation 3 (Influencing Travel Choices and Behaviours): Anticipate high passenger expectations for public transport going forward in order to meet them with innovative and green solutions.

Recommendation 4 (Enhancing Access to Affordable Public Transport): Support Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and smart technologies with open access rail data schemes and by including regional and intercity rail in MaaS platforms.

Recommendation 5 (Decarbonising Transport): As part of the wider decarbonisation of Scotland, continue to electrify the network through the rolling programme for electrification and begin fleet orders of low carbon rolling stock, including battery and hydrogen trains. Support R&D and innovation for low carbon solutions.

Recommendation 6 (Increasing Safety and Resilience on the Strategic Transport Network): Whilst RIA Scotland welcomes the fact that STPR2 is considering safety and resilience as a key transport theme, the STPR2 recommendations should specifically consider safety and resilience for rail to a greater extent.

Recommendation 7 (Strengthening Strategic Connections): Place a greater emphasis on connectivity driving modal shift to public transport as a means of delivering social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Recommendation 8 (STPR2 Recommendations and Other Scottish Government Policy): RIA Scotland supports Scottish Government ambitions to decarbonise its rail network by 2035 and to reach net zero by 2045. However, to achieve this, continued investment in sustainable rail travel will be vital. The commitment to a rolling programme of electrification needs to continue so that Scotland can be a case study for effective decarbonisation of the rail network and support modal shift.


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