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The rolling stock industry employs over 30,000 people and contributes over £1.8bn gross value added to the economy annually.  Unless action is taken soon, previous orders will soon be completed leaving factories and upgrade facilities empty putting thousands of jobs at risk. Equally as damaging will be the loss of skills and experience, which will be difficult to replace when they are inevitably needed again in the future. This will result in increased costs in the long run. It is also likely that the passenger experience will worsen, as trains are kept running beyond their optimum life and the opportunity to reduce carbon and improve air quality will be lost.

In 2023, working with members RIA analysed the whole UK rolling stock market and published the report ‘UK Rolling Stock Industry: Making 2023 the year of opportunity not crisis’. RIA will continue to support members and push for greater clarity of the UK rolling stock pipeline, to give industry the security needed. 

Key Publications 

RIA Progress Review: Trains fit for the future inquiry

Posted on 28/03/2022
RIA has a review of the Government's progress in meeting the recommendations of the Transport Committee's Trains fit for the future? report, published in March 2021.

Press Notices 

RIA welcomes potential for progress on train orders

Posted on 17/04/2024
The Railway Industry Association (RIA) today (17 April) welcomed the news that Alstom and the UK Government are close to a deal for new trains, although no agreement has yet been reached.

A new strategy for delivering a lower cost, higher performing net zero railway by 2050

Posted on 11/04/2024
A new strategy published today (11 April) by the Railway Industry Association (RIA) sets out a pathway to a lower cost, higher performing net zero railway by 2050.

Uncertain Easter for rail manufacturers and suppliers

Posted on 29/03/2024
With Easter approaching Government promises to issue orders for new rolling stock remain unfulfilled more than four months since the Transport Secretary pledged to issue a road map for procurement.

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For more insight on Rolling stock, please contact the Technical Team at [email protected]

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