Submission to the Future of Transport Regulatory Review

30 July 2020

The DfT's Future of Transport Regulatory Review considers road, maritime, air and cross-cutting themes, focusing on Micromobility, Buses, taxis & private hire vehicles, and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms. The consultation only very lightly touches on the rail industry, mentioning that there are two initiatives (Joint Rail Open Data Action Plan and Rail Sector Deal) in place to open and digitise relevant data across modes. MaaS success will be driven by digitalisation and the railway industry needs to work together to ensure that rail services are part of the core network of the future of transport.  The Review does not consider transport infrastructure.   

The Railway Industry Association thinks that rail should be central to any Future of Transport regulatory and strategic discussions and deliberations. Our four key asks are: 

  • That Government should use its regulatory and contractual powers to remove barriers and unlock open data across the rail sector. 
  • In order to drive innovation and creativity Government should introduce interoperability standards for data sharing, ticketing, and fares.  These standards should be aligned across transport modes.   
  • That open data requirements should include ticketing and fares; on board assets, facilities & services; and wayfinding to, from and through stations. 
  • To ensure that when setting transport policy rail, as the most efficient/low carbon high-density commuter and long-distance form of public transport, is central to the implementation of MaaS.


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