RIA Submission to the DfT Labour Market Call for Views and Ideas

9 May 2022

RIA has submitted a response to the Department for Transport's Labour Market Call for Views and Ideas. 

Executive Summary

  1. This consultation will set the direction for the work of an industry-lead Taskforce, facilitated by DfT. The Taskforce and DfT will use responses to inform a programme to support the transport sector in accessing skilled workers.
  2. RIA urges Government to promote rail and transport, and celebrate the career opportunities. Promoting a positive image of transport as a green, innovative and exciting industry would help to attract and retain talent.
  3. Recognising the link between pipeline certainty and supplier investment in skills - businesses of all sizes need certainty of work to enable them to grow and upskill their workforces.
  4. Skills activity needs to be accessible and to make a return on investment for both individuals and employers. The current training landscape is complex and hard to navigate, and Government needs to work with the rail supply chain to understand skills needs, share and learn from best practice and maximise the impace of skills development activity.
  5. Build on supply chain and industry initiatives including the RIA Women in Rail EDI Charter, Young Rail Professionals, and the NSAR to ensure the together the impact of initiatives is bigger than the sum of their parts.

The Submission

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