RIA's submission to the Williams Rail Review's second call for evidence

30 April 2019

The Railway Industry Association (RIA) has published its response to the Williams Rail Review's second call for evidence. 

Executive Summary

  • The rail supply community looks forward to delivering even more for passenger and freight customers and taxpayers, particularly if: ‘boom and bust’ in work flows is smoothed out; more innovative technologies and processes are developed; and efficiency is increased (provided there is a long-term, smooth, visible, future pipeline of work for rail suppliers –
    particularly important for SMEs).
  • The Williams Review must not throw the industry into stasis, with a loss of work momentum and uncertainty for the supply chain. Normal business needs to continue during the Review and a hiatus in investment avoided, whilst the Review is conducted.
  • The Review evidence papers should also explicitly cover the critical role played by the rail supply chain and the challenges it faces.
  • RIA believes that a 30-year strategy and vision for the rail industry, overseen by a guiding mind independent from the Government, is needed to support an enduring and sustainable sector.
  • The ability to attract more private sector investment is key to the delivery of larger transport schemes, as well as creating a framework that allows better access to revenue

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