Five Tests for Great British Railways

7 March 2022

RIA has published Five Tests for Great British Railways, highlighting the key areas which the new organisation will need to focus on to ensure the restructure is a success.

Executive Summary

The Five Tests include:

  1. No hiatus in current work: More than 70% of Network Rail's spend is with the private sector - and there cannot be a pause in this work;
  2. Transparency: Be clear and transparent with rail suppliers, to allow them to deliver;
  3. Partnership: Be an open and accessible client, and partner with the private sector for the best results;
  4. Productivity: Ensure the rail industry is able to thrive - financial sustainability will ensure rail delivers for UK plc; and
  5. Ambition: Leave a positive legacy, including in safety, decarbonisation, exports and the economy.

The Briefing

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